About Us

Forging paths by sharing knowledge.

Bridging Gaps, Building Life (BGBL) is a platform created by Malaysian students sharing personal anecdotes and assistance on our school leaving/post-school leaving journey.


As it is, we envision a two-pronged service that firstly, engages students where they are and provides assistance in needed areas (spm, pre-u, university, etc.) via mentorship, individualized guidance, simulations. At the same time, BGBL curates existing knowledge and links them to students via articles, opinion pieces, cross-sharing, talks, and other initiatives.



 BGBL is created by Malaysian youths, for Malaysians. Our founding team are a group of students and recent graduates from all over Malaysia, who've had the opportunity of experiencing various avenues as they relate to education in Malaysia and beyond. As we've had the chance to see how access to education has impacted our lives, we believe very much that others should be given that opportunity as well. 

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